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Personnel News

Workforce Impacts of FY 2007 Budget

By Keith Cowing
February 7, 2006

NASA Glenn to lose 300 jobs by the end of 2007, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Glenn’s work force, packed with highly educated scientists and engineers, would slip to about 1,700 by the end of this year and to 1,562 by the end of 2007, NASA Glenn’s new director Woodrow Whitlow said.”

Ames faces more deep cuts, SJ Mercury News

“It was not clear what the cuts might mean in terms of jobs. Since 2004, the center has seen its budget drop from more than $800 million to $603 million, and its workforce shrink by nearly a third to 2,100.”

Michoud’s orders fewer, but enough to avoid cuts, Times Picayune

“NASA’s spacecraft plant in eastern New Orleans will build 17 more fuel tanks for the space shuttle, fewer than half the number that had been planned prior to the Columbia shuttle accident — but still enough to keep the factory’s 2,000 workers busy for several more years.”

Budget, job news better than last year’s, Daily News

“NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, one of the region’s major employers, will keep its work-force numbers steady despite agency plans to cut aeronautics research funding by 18 percent.”

Budget plan allays anxiety at Langley, Virginian-Pilot

“Jobs should be stable. The center was able to trim its civil service work force by 300 over the past two years by offering buyout packages and early retirements. It also cut 300 contractors, she said. She is not planning for any layoffs in the next year, and the work force should hold steady at 3,600 2,000 civil service workers and 1,600 contractors.”

Marshall spared cuts but money still tight, Huntsville Times

“This is a good budget for Marshall. This is a very stable budget and it provides for a very stable work force,” King told reporters Monday. “It keeps in place our 2,600 civil servants.”

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