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Another Space Policy White Paper

By Keith Cowing
March 29, 2018
Another Space Policy White Paper

The American Space Exploration Narrative from the Cold War through the Obama Administration, Dora Holland and Jack O. Burns
“We make three observations: (1) there is a disconnect between stated U.S. policy goals and the implementation of those goals, (2) the U.S. communicates mixed messages regarding its intent to be both the dominant leader in space exploration and also a committed participant in international collaborations, and (3) the U.S. cannot remain a true pioneer in space exploration if it does not embrace the realities of globalization and the changing dynamics within space exploration. We conclude with three suggestions: (1) the U.S. government and NASA should critically examine space exploration priorities and commit to implementing a program that will further realistic policy and goals, (2) the U.S. should re-examine its intention to play a dominant leadership role in space exploration and consider emphasizing a commitment toward active participation in international collaboration in space, and (3) the U.S. should fully embrace the new paradigm of space exploration by lowering barriers that hinder competitiveness.”

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