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More Vaporware From The Space Advocate Community

By Keith Cowing
September 24, 2015
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More Vaporware From The Space Advocate Community

Keith’s note: In April 2015 the Planetary Society held an invitation-only “Humans Orbiting Mars” workshop wherein they unveiled their idea for a mission to Mars. At a quick press conference after the event (no media were allowed to attend the workshop) the Planetary Society promised more detail would be made public – later. It has been 6 months. Nothing but crickets from the Planetary Society. A paper was published by some of the people behind the plan but no one has ever said if this paper bears any relevance to what the Planetary Society wants to do. They said there would be a document released but it has never materialized. The space advocacy community loves to talk behind closed doors inside their echo chamber. But when it comes to making the details available to the rest of us they continually fail to deliver. But they continue to send out those fundraising pleas in the mail, don’t they? Caveat emptor.
Oh yes – the first crewed mission of SLS (which seems to play a role in the plan) has been delayed by 2 years – thus pushing everything back.
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