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NASA's International and Interagency Relations Team Doesn't Bother To Update

By Keith Cowing
July 7, 2021
NASA's International and Interagency Relations Team Doesn't Bother To Update

Keith’s 7 July update: It has been a week and despite pointing website issues out to a variety of people at NASA, the NASA Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR) has not bothered to add a link to the agency’s most recent round of international efforts i.e. the Artemis Accords (12 countries thus far). Of course, this Artemis page makes no mention of NASA OIIR either. The NASA OIIR folks have become especially lazy when it comes to telling the public what they do or have done – and evidence of their online malaise is sitting in plain sight.
If you go to the page where OIIR links to things, the top link i.e. Standing Trump Administration space policy documents – Executive Order for the National Space Council, White House Fact Sheet on the National Space Strategy, SPD-1, SPD-2, SPD-3 – all of the links are dead since that is what happens to one Admininstration’s links when a new one takes over.
Then there is International Space Station Multilateral Intergovernmental Agreement — United States, Canada, European Space Agency, Japan, Russia (January 1998) which goes to an FTP site that no longer exists/won’t let you in; International Space Station Crew Code of Conduct which goes to a dead link somewhere inside NASA; NASA CSA, ESA, Russia, and Japan agreements from 1998 which all go to dead links; and Space Shuttle mission info which, by definition, has not been updated since 2011. But nothing about Artemis, Orion, SLS, etc all of which have international cooperation embedded in them. And so on. If NASA can’t be bothered to update their international relations web page at least once in a decade why should anyone take the time to visit it.
Keith’s 1 July note: If you go to the Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR) links page they do not even mention the Artemis Accords. Indeed they do not mention the Accords anywhere on their website.

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