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Output From The National Space Council Meeting

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
August 21, 2019
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Output From The National Space Council Meeting

Recommendations Approved by the National Space Council to President Trump
“1. Within 60 days, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator will designate an office and submit a plan to the Chairman of the National Space Council for sustainable lunar surface exploration and development, including necessary technologies and capabilities, to enable initial human missions to Mars.
2. NASA and the Department of State will continue joint efforts to engage international partners in identifying prospective cooperation involving the 2024 Moon landing and subsequent activities around and on the Moon. Lunar surface operations will be NASA’s top priority for international cooperation.
3. At the next Council meeting, the NASA Administrator will present a plan to stabilize the Space Launch System and Orion programs and prevent future cost and schedule overruns. The plan will include the current projected launch windows for the first two launches of these vehicles.
4. At the next Council meeting, Council members will report on support to NASA in implementing Space Policy Directive-1.”

The White House Issues National Security Presidential Memorandum on Launch of Spacecraft Containing Space Nuclear Systems
“Today, President Donald J. Trump issued a National Security Presidential Memorandum (NSPM) on the safe and effective utilization of space nuclear systems as America explores and uses the Moon to develop sustainable technologies and operations necessary for human missions to Mars and elsewhere in the solar system.”
Remarks by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross at the Sixth National Space Council Meeting
“Within the Commerce Department, we have re-established the Office of Space Commerce after it was dormant for decades. It is the only place within the U.S. Government that is charged with pursuing the unique interests of the commercial space industry. The commercial industry has said repeatedly that it needs an advocate — a one-stop shop — in its dealings with both the U.S. government and foreign governments.”
National Space Council Remarks As Prepared for Deputy Secretary Brouillette
“Today, we are working with NASA on a number of major initiatives to enable nuclear power space exploration over the next decade including powering the Mars 2020 Rover, demonstrating nuclear thermal propulsion and fission surface power, and developing the Dragonfly Rotorcraft, which in the 2030s will explore Saturn’s moon Titan.”

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One response to “Output From The National Space Council Meeting”

  1. MAGA_Ken says:

    Regarding #1, wasn’t that already attempted and failed with that guy from Sierra Nevada?

    Regarding #3, it will be nice to have some items scheduled. I’m not sure when the next council meeting is scheduled, but my understanding is that Bridenstine is waiting on the new SLS program manager before committing to a Green Run date.