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Mir Status Report 12 April 1997

By Keith Cowing
April 12, 1997
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Mir 23 / NASA 4 Status
Date: 12 April 1997
Mission Day: Mir 23 / NASA 4 MD 62 / 91
Mir Station System/Subsystem Activities Elektron maintenance
Condensate Presence Check of Mir (Mir 23) Wet Cleanup (entire crew)
Mission Science Payload Activities
Sleep Study Final Ops and Stowage (NASA 4)BTS Filter Check (NASA 4)
The crew requested to have their MK-12, Reflotron blood analysis data voiced up. They also suggested using venous blood instead of capillary blood for the next MK-12 session. The crew feels they would not have any difficulties drawing venous blood. Furthermore, the fingersticks during the last session caused sore finger tips for a couple of days.
During the last comm pass last night, the crew reported exercise was not performed since they were tired.

Private Family Conference
An audio only conference for all three crewmembers was scheduled in honor of Cosmonaut’s Day. Valery Polyakov, Alexander Polishchuk and Wendy Lawrence participated in the event.
Mir Systems
After a couple of automatic shutdowns of the Kvant 2 Elektron last night and four automatic shutdowns today, the ground experts told the crew they believe there is an air bubble somewhere in the system. The only way to purge the air is to continue turning the system on after it automatically shuts off. At the 16:35 DMT comm pass, the crew reported that the Elektron operated for 2.5 hours.
Following a crew call down of several environmental parameters, the crew was instructed not to use Progress oxygen today. (ppO2 = 160 mmHg)
Environmental Parameters (Information from 11 April)

Parameter Min. Max. Nominal Range
Pressure (mmHg) Base Block 745 753 660 - 850
ppO2 (mmHg)                162 166 140 -200
ppCO2 (mmHg)               4.7 5.0 up to 8.0
ppH20 (mmHg)               13.5 14.3 8 - 14
Humidity (percentage)      36 39 30 - 75
Temperature (C)  (BB)      32.7 33.0 18 - 28
Temp (C) transfer module   21.9 22.3 18 - 28
Temp (C) work area Krystall   25.3 25.5 18 - 28
Temp (C) sleep area Krystall 27.7 28.5 18 - 28
Temp (C) Spektr              25.8 26.0  18 - 28
Temp (C) Kvant II            ---    ---   18 - 28

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