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Russia Is Flying Something Odd On Progress MS-07

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 12, 2017
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Russia Is Flying Something Odd On Progress MS-07

Why Does Russia Have a Secret ISS Experiment?, Popular Mechanics
“Russia’s seven-ton Progress MS-07 tanker will be carrying a secret, a previously unseen instrument attached to the exterior front section of the spacecraft. NASA has no idea what it is. NASA specialists spotted the unknown gizmo in official photographs of the Progress ship released during mission preparation. Since then, a number of pictures documenting the work on Progress MS-07 in Baikonur also showed the unidentified device, indicating that Russian authorities aren’t really keeping it secret. But when NASA asked about the hardware, Russian officials said only that it would be a scientific payload intended for a one-time trip aboard the cargo ship. They provided no further details.”
Launch of Russian Cargo Mission Scrubbed, NASA
“Launch of the Russian Progress 68 cargo craft has been scrubbed for today. The next launch attempt will be no earlier than Saturday Oct. 14 at 4:46 am EDT (2:46 p.m. local time in Baikonur).”

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2 responses to “Russia Is Flying Something Odd On Progress MS-07”

  1. muomega0 says:

    No..we would not be able to see it. 😉

    Perhaps another fake news site?

  2. Gerald Cecil says:

    It’s designed to alter the votes of US crew members in the Nov elections, the boards were hand soldered by Mr Putin himself.