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Russian Angara to Launch Friday

By Marc Boucher
NASA Watch
June 25, 2014
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Russian Angara 1.2PP Rocket set for Launch Friday [With Video], SpaceRef Business
“This Friday after years of delay, Russia is set to launch the Angara 1.2 Pervy Polyot (First Flight) rocket on its maiden voyage, a suborbital demonstration flight. The Angara project started in 1993 with the goal to develop a new national space launch system.
The Angara 1 light class of small launchers is intended to replace the Kosmos-3M, Tsyklon and Rockot launchers. The Angara 3, a medium-lift launcher is meant to eventually replace the Zenit and the and Angara 5 is meant to replace the heavy-lift Proton. The Angara 5 would become the workhorse of the Russian fleet tasked with launch military payloads.”

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3 responses to “Russian Angara to Launch Friday”

  1. Jafafa Hots says:

    Pervy Polyot?

    Finally, a name for my new band.

  2. dbooker says:

    Delayed! Shocking! A country with almost 65 years in the rocket industry delaying
    a rocket launch? I thought this never happened to any nation/company
    other than that failure SpaceX.