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Shuttle News

Another Way to Cover Launches

By Keith Cowing
March 11, 2009

Spaceflight Now to host live launch broadcast
“Spaceflight Now is excited to be joining forces with veteran space broadcasters Miles O’Brien and David Waters to provide unrivaled video coverage of space shuttle Discovery’s next mission, scheduled for launch on Wednesday, March 11.”
Editor’s note: Mission managers just gave a “go” to fuel space shuttle Discovery’s external tank. Weather is 95 percent “go” for tonight’s 9:20 EDT launch.
Editor’s note: From @milesobrien: “We want to take your questions during our webcast starting @ 4:30pm. For Twitter, direct message @milesobrien. Keep an eye on this webcast and the Twittering. Miles O’Brien and I will soon be doing something very similar from Everest Base Camp.
Editor’s note: Have a look at this Shutttle pad photo, by Bill Ingalls, NASA HQ. This photo is also featured on the White House website.
Editor’s Update: The STS-119 launch was scrubbed at 2:37 p.m. due to a hydrogen leak in a Liquid Hydrogen vent line between the shuttle and the external tank. The launch team is currently beginning the process of draining the external fuel tank. Next launch attempt tomorrow at 8:54 p.m. EDT.

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