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Houston and New York Fight Over Shuttle

By Keith Cowing
April 16, 2011
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Texas lawmakers introduce bill to bring space shuttle to Houston, CNN
“Two Texas lawmakers, upset that Houston was not picked as one of the retirement homes for NASA’s space shuttles, introduced legislation [H.R. 1590] Friday that would bring the Discovery shuttle to the city for 15 years.”
No retired shuttle for Houston? Not without a fight, Florida Today
“U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said he heard an outcry — “Earth to NASA” — from congressional colleagues who thought the home of Mission Control and the Astronaut Corps was snubbed in its failed bid to land an orbiter. So Chaffetz introduced a bill [H.R. 1536] that seeks “to restore common sense and fairness to the space shuttle retirement home debate.””
Houston says NY shouldn’t get shuttle; NY says it isn’t, Seattle Post Intelligencer
“When the United States won the race to the moon in 1969, the first word on the moon was, ‘Houston,’ not ‘New York City,'” [Rep.] Poe ranted on the House floor after Tuesday’s NASA announcement, referring to the fact that mission control is in Houston, which is also where astronauts train.”
New York deserves better than fake Enterprise shuttle prototype while L.A., VA get the real thing, NY Daily News
“The Enterprise didn’t have an engine and never went on a space mission. After all those months of press conferences, photo ops and lobbying, the best Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand could get us was a prototype. What’s worse is that L.A. is getting a real one: The Endeavour. Where are they gonna put it, Disneyland? And someplace called Chantilly, Va., gets the Discovery.”
War Of Words Erupts Between NYC And Houston Over Shuttle Enterprise, CBS
“But to use another Texas phase, “that dog won’t hunt,” Poe’s efforts to derail the shuttle wont work according to New York Sen. Schumer. “I would say to Congressman Poe what we say in Brooklyn, ‘fuhgettaboutit,'” Schumer told Kramer.”

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