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Launch Scrubbed – Roll Back Preps To Begin

By Keith Cowing
August 28, 2006

Editor’s 28 Aug 9:50 am EDT update: The briefing has slipped to 10:15 am EDT.

Editor’s 28 Aug 7:50 am EDT update: The briefing has slipped to 10 am EDT.

Editor’s 28 Aug 7:30 am EDT update: Dean Acosta just announced in the newsroom that NASA mission managers decided this morning to scrub Tuesday’s launch attempt . Rollback preparations will begin, but the actual decision to rollback will not be made until midday tomorrow. There will be a news briefing at 9:00 am EDT.

Editor’s 28 Aug 7:25 am EDT update: Newsroom staff are now saying “yes. but its not official” with regard to questions about roll back.

Editor’s 28 Aug 7:10 am EDT update: The KSC launch site news room staff suddenly dashed out a few moments ago. Those who remain are talking about “rollback”.

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