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Shuttle News

Making The Shuttle Go Away

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 4, 2007

NASA OIG Report: NASA’s Plan for Space Shuttle Transition Could Be Improved by Following Project Management Guidelines

“Specifically, the transition plan did not comprehensively address the following elements: A work breakdown structure that divides the transition activities into manageable segments; Detailed cost estimates to support the budget preparation process and facilitate cost control; Metrics for measuring transition progress and success; Periodic milestone reviews; Internal and external communication plans to facilitate an efficient flow of information to the stakeholders; Asset end-state requirements and security provisions for Space Shuttle Program property; A centralized data management system to document transition-related recommendations and decisions; and Clearly defined responsibilities for the components of the transition governance structure and designation of the component responsible for post-2010 decisions.

NASA acknowledged that its transition plan does not address these elements, given that the plan “serves as initial, top-level strategic guidance and a governance framework for the development of lower-level directorate, program, and project transition planning guidance documents that will comprehensively capture and address all of the elements necessary for efficient and effective execution of. . .” the transition.”

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