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NASA "Party" Expenses

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
November 11, 2007

NASA’S Luxury, At Your Expense, CBS

“And most of the honorees? They’re not NASA employees. They’re from Boeing and other billion-dollar contractors that aren’t picking up the tab. Bryan O’Connor is a NASA spokesman. What does he say to the criticism that these events are frivolous or extravagant? “I think what I would do is ask the people who we have honored to give me an idea if they think this thing was reasonable, if they felt they were honored properly,” he said. [CBS News correspondent Sharyl] Attkisson said: “I wouldn’t ask the honorees, I would ask the people who pay for it: taxpayers.”

NASA Knows How To Party Slashdot

Editor’s note: Gee, I wonder what could be done if NASA had CBS News Anchor Katie Couric’s $60 million 5 year salary package to spend on things like this?

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