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NASA to Press Ahead with Countdown

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
July 3, 2006

Editor’s note: After examining the foam loss issue in depth, NASA has decided to continue the count for a launch attempt tomorrow.

Mission Management Press Briefing at 9:00 pm EDT [watch NASA TV]

Foam Issue May Delay Shuttle Launch [with hi res images], SpaceRef

“NASA continues to prepare for a third launch attempt for STS-121 while dealing with foam shedding issues. During an inspection of the Shuttle’s External Tank it was discovered that an external liquid oxygen line outside of the tank apparently shed a very small piece of foam as a result of the expansion/contraction of the tank that results from the loading and unloading of cryogenic propellants. The piece weighed .00577 pounds.”

Crack found in Discovery external tank insulation, Spaceflightnow

Foam falls from Discovery’s tank on pad, Orlando Sentinel

“During a pad “walkdown” Sunday evening, inspectors found a crack on the shuttle’s external fuel tank near a bracket that holds an oxygen feedline in place. Later, a chunk of foam that apparently fell from the area was found on the shuttle’s mobile launch platform. It is not clear yet what, if any, impact this will have on Discovery’s planned launch Tuesday. The Mission Management Team is scheduled to hold a special meeting to discuss the issue at 10 a.m. this morning. The following is a copy of the inspection team’s report: ….”

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