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Shuttle News

Schedule Pressure

By Keith Cowing
November 14, 2004

14 November 2004: Fears rise over cuts, shuttle schedule, Orlando Sentinel

“Nearly two years after the Columbia disaster, some NASA managers fear that cost-cutting measures and pressure to resume shuttle launches are jeopardizing critical safety reforms. Confidential interviews with shuttle officials, as well as internal NASA documents and e-mails obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, portray a program rushing to fly again despite serious money problems and growing concerns about meeting an ambitious schedule.”

2 November 2004: NASA ISS Near-term Assembly Sequence Nov 1 2004

19 October 2004: NASA PRCB CR: S042013EW Update the Launch Dates

“When this proposed schedule was presentedto theSFLC in September 2004 they replied that they wanted to have the Shuttle/Space Station community assess the schedule – and then come back to theSFLC on29 October 2004. the SFLC wants to know if this new schedule is actually capable of working – and what the associated risks are in implementing it.”

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