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Shuttle Telecon

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 25, 2005

NASA Shuttle Return to Flight Planning Update

NASA’s Shuttle Program Moves One Step Closer to Launch, SpaceRef

“NASA held a media teleconference this afternoon to discuss the status of preparations for the STS -114 mission.”

Editor’s note: I am listening to this thing on NASA newsaudio. This telecon is so poorly done: open mikes, static, audio crosstalk, people typing loudly on mike, NASA people talking and laughing in the newsroom in the back ground, odd feedback, extreme volume spikes. I can’t tell what is being said half the time. And I waited patiently for two hours to listen to this? [Listen]

Member of NASA press corps comment: “NASA telecons are AWFUL. They contract out with a different company all the time and nobody knows the mute buttons. They don’t bother to tell you the mute buttons … just another indication that somebody in PAO doesn’t take times to manage even fundamental details to get a message out. I’m reminded of the quote from Gus Grissom during the pad test shortly before the fire: “How are we going to manage to get to the moon when we can’t communicate between two buildings?” I’ve been at NAC meetings when they had video of somebody at a remote location but no audio. It would seem telecommunications in the 21st century is sometimes beyond the space agency.”

Editor’s update: Now its 5:50 pm EDT.

Editor’s update: Now its no earlier than 6:00 pm EDT. The meeting has apparently ended.

Editor’s update: Now KSC PAO says the telecon won’t start any earlier than 5:30 – but they still aren’t exactly sure what is going on. Apparently the final polling is still going on and then the telecon participants have to get over to the press site. Stay tuned.

Editor’s update: According to NASA KSC PAO this 4:00 pm EDT event will start no earlier than 5:00 pm EDT. The teleconference will be audio-streamed live.

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