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Shuttle News

STS-115 Scrubbed for 24 Hrs

By Keith Cowing
August 26, 2006

STS-115 Launch Postponed

“The Space Shuttle Mission Management Team decided Saturday afternoon to postpone the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis for at least 24 hours to allow more time for teams to assess ground and flight systems following a strong lighting strike to the lighting protection system at the launch pad on Friday afternoon.”

Editor’s note: Yesterday’s lightning strike may have caused some damage to the shuttle launch pad. NASA scrubbed tomorrow’s STS-115 launch for a least 24 hours to investigate possible pad damage. A MMT (Mission Management Team) meeting Sunday morning will discuss this topic. Word of a launch attempt on Monday – or a further delay – will be announced midday Sunday. Right now we are under a stage 2 lightning alert and the press center is being pounded by rain.

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