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STS-116 Crew Members Honored at White House – Billy O MIA

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 13, 2007

STS-116 Astronauts Honored at the White House (photo)

“President Bush recognizes NASA astronauts Joan Higginbotham, right, and Robert Curbeam, during a ceremony honoring African-American History Month, Monday, Feb. 12, 2007, in the East Room at the White House in Washington. Curbeam and Higginbotham were crew members of Space Shuttle Discovery’s STS-116 mission to the International Space Station in December 2006. It was the first shuttle mission with two African-American crew members.”

Editor’s note: Too bad the Pilot of STS-116 (Billy O) is hiding from the media in Florida and was not able to attend this important event.

Meanwhile, word has it that Robert Curbeam will replace Lauri Hansen as the Constellation Level II Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Manager. Hansen will reportedly become the Program Manager for development of the Lunar Lander (LSAM).

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