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Shuttle News

STS-121 Launch Date Decision

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 17, 2006

Despite Objections, NASA Decides to Launch the Space Shuttle on July First, SpaceRef

“Griffin was rather clear about what would happen if there was a larger problem. “If we have another major incident with the launch of the shuttle I would not want to continue with the program.” Griffin added later “If we lost another vehicle I will tell you right now that I would be moving to shut the program down. I am sorry if that sounds too blunt for some but that’s where I am.”

Shuttle launch date set despite safety objections, Spaceflight Now

“NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, overruling objections from the agency’s chief engineer and safety office, cleared the shuttle Discovery for launch July 1 on a mission to service and resupply the international space station.”

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