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Sneak Peak: Interview with Jeff Greason

By Marc Boucher
August 15, 2011

Marc’s Note: Here’s a little sneak peak of the interview in the first issue of Space Quarterly with XCOR Aerospace CEO Jeff Greason:
Question: XCOR Aerospace, at 11 years old, is one of the first NewSpace companies and perhaps one of the longest survivors in this very challenging, emerging industry. How has your vision of the future and XCOR’s role in it changed since you started the company?

Jeff Greason: “Much less than I would have expected. I figured that if our business plan survived contact with 3 years of reality, we were going to be doing pretty good. Instead, I have to say that things have developed very much along the lines that I expected but of course it’s taken longer – both for XCOR and for the industry as a whole to get through the steps that I was anticipating, largely because of the difficulty of getting capital investment in the industry. The few surprises I didn’t expect – I didn’t expect COTS. I thought NASA would defer any substantial participation in the commercial market until it was too late to do them any good. That’s a positive surprise. The other thing I didn’t expect was the traditional aerospace players to reach out to the emerging players quite as early in the process as has been happening. My only really negative surprise is that of raising capital – I knew was going to be hard – but it has been even harder than I’d thought and that’s slowed things down. But the large players are joining in a constructive way in what’s going on, earlier than I had expected.
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