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Dueling NASA Websites Update

By Keith Cowing
August 28, 2017
Dueling NASA Websites Update

NASA’s Next Mars Mission to Investigate Interior of Red Planet, Lockheed Martin
“More information about InSight is online at:

Keith’s note: Here we go again. NASA has deliberately created – and pays to maintain – two official mission websites – this time, for Mars InSight. NASA is paying twice for this. I’d ve willing to bet that a FOIA request would show that the duplication costs in terms of website contractor personnel would amount to several hundred thousand dollars over the course of the mission. This is not new wastefulness on NASA’s part: the Mars 2020 Rover already has three official BASA mission websites:,, and Every few years I ask NASA SMD about this. Someone says that they’ll look into it. Tick tock – nothing changes. The real answer is stove piping: NASA cannot really tell its field centers (or JPL) what to do and they go off and do their own thing regardless of whether someone else is already dong it. The field centers and JPL want people to think of them when it comes to NASA – instead of But NASA HQ wants a unified way for people to find mission information so they set up a duplicate set of mission websites. Try as they may, these dueling sites are never totally in synch – and one is almost always out of sate with respect to the other. Let’s #MakeNASAConfusingAgain
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“Probably the most blatant example whereby NASA simply cannot make its mind up as to where an official mission website is has to do with Hubble – here are the official websites:,,,,, and And NASA Hubble press releases typically offer 3 links – on three different official Hubble websites – for the same image.”
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