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NASA SMD PAO's Dysfunctional Telecons

By Keith Cowing
September 10, 2014
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NASA Holds Teleconference to Discuss Science Campaign of Curiosity Mars Rover
Keith’s note: NASA SMD PAO’s Dwayne Brown continues to refuse to respond to media inquiries from last month’s Mars 2020 media opportunity – despite overtly soliciting such inquiries. Let’s see who Dwayne ignores during this briefing – since he’s NASA PAO – and I am not. As such I am not going to bother to dial in since it is a waste of my time. More opportunity for others to ask questions. I have had multiple interactions with NASA PAO on this non-response by Dwayne and their lack of response is a de facto endorsement of Dwayne’s behavior. So it goes. I’ll live tweet the event – with commentary.
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