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Webb Gets New Program Director

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 10, 2012
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NASA Administrator Announces Webb Telescope Management Change
“NASA Administrator Charles Bolden announced today that Geoff Yoder will assume leadership responsibilities for the James Webb Space Telescope, serving as program director at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, effective June 30, 2012. He succeeds Rick Howard, who retires on that date.”

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2 responses to “Webb Gets New Program Director”

  1. Andrew Gasser says:

    And… another one bites the dust.

    JWST will continue to slaughter, ransack, and pillage SMD – and spare no one.

  2. Hallie Wright says:

    Slaughter, ransack, and pillage? Yoder is a capable administrator with Constellation experience, and just finished serving capably as Astrophysics director. Rick Howard did a huge job, basically reorganizing JWST, and did it successfully. If it’s time for him to retire, he certainly deserves it.

    What hallucinogens are you drinking in your tea these days?