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Gunshots Fired at Huntsville's Saturn V

Shots fired into the Davidson Center at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville Times “Someone fired three shots into the Davidson Center for Space Exploration at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center at about 10 a.m., but no one was injured, space center officials said. The shots, which appear to have come from somewhere along Interstate 565, police said, put a hole in the Saturn V rocket on display […]

  • NASA Watch
  • May 3, 2012
Huntsville's Man on the 9th Floor?

Huntsville to have co-pilot in NASA (editorial), Huntsville Times “Marshall Space Flight Center Director Robert Lightfoot’s promotion to NASA headquarters should bode well for Marshall as NASA focuses on development of America’s next generation rockets. … Huntsville lawyer Mark McDaniel, who served on the national NASA advisory council from 2000 to 2005, said Lightfoot will be a key player in decisions by the NASA administrator, president and Congress. “In Washington, […]

  • NASA Watch
  • February 23, 2012
Aerojet Expands in Huntsville

Aerojet to Expand in Huntsville, Aerojet “Aerojet, a GenCorp company, announced today that over the next few months it will expand its presence in the Huntsville community by hiring 25 local engineers. This growth will allow Aerojet to provide collaborative engineering expertise, program management support and business development outreach to our government and prime customers located in the Huntsville area and across the Southeastern United States.”

  • NASA Watch
  • December 16, 2010
The View From Hunstville

Congress may not decide Constellation’s fate until next year, Huntsville Times “The Nelson authorization bill would also take a “walk before you run” approach to commercial space development. NASA would be required to complete “studies, assessments, and milestones” before commercial service to the space station starts. The Senate appropriations subcommittee that controls NASA spending hasn’t met yet, and its ranking member is Shelby. “As the ranking member,” he said Friday, […]

  • NASA Watch
  • July 11, 2010
Huntsville Layoff Update

Meeting held by Jacobs Engineering could mean big changes for company, WAFF “Sources say people inside this meeting were given the option to take a voluntary layoff and receive one thousand dollars as well as pay until July 9th. They say workers were also told they can apply for part time work, or stay and see what happens. Jacobs was contacted to get more information. We’re still waiting to hear […]

  • NASA Watch
  • June 23, 2010
Constellation Layoff Update

Huntsville’s Constellation contractors getting the bad news beginning today, Huntsville Times “Huntsville’s Constellation contractors find out as early as today about what’s left of the rocket program, and that means hundreds of layoff notices beginning next week. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center began sending letters to contractors Thursday telling them how much money they have left to spend on Constellation for the rest of the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.” […]

  • NASA Watch
  • June 20, 2010
Huntsville Layoff Update

Huntsville bracing for ‘serious and significant’ space program job loss, Huntsville Times “This city is bracing for “serious and significant job loss” due to NASA’s decision last week to hold back nearly $1 billion in funding for the Constellation rocket program, Mayor Tommy Battle says.” Mayor Battle Demands NASA’S Plans for Constellation Cuts, WAAY “Mayor Battle held a news conference Tuesday afternoon outlining the city’s mission to try and communicate […]

  • NASA Watch
  • June 15, 2010
Huntsville Strikes Back

Huntsville space community form task force to fight NASA change “A group of North Alabama leaders concerned over proposed White House changes to Marshall Space Flight Center-managed rocket programs have come together to form a task force in an effort to restore funding cuts. The “Second to None Initiative” brings together 25 community leaders, led by former Huntsville U.S. Rep. Bud Cramer, to fight the Obama White House proposal that […]

  • NASA Watch
  • February 12, 2010