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“Space Shuttle Discovery”
Roll Back for Discovery

Space Shuttle Discovery to Roll back to the Vehicle Assembly Building, NASA “Shuttle managers also decided late Monday afternoon that following the tanking test they plan to roll Discovery back into Kennedy’s Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to allow its external tank to undergo additional image scans. Rollback is expected to occur 4-5 days after the tanking test. Once in the VAB, technicians would collect X-ray data on stringers on the […]

  • NASA Watch
  • December 14, 2010
SCRUB – Discovery GO for Launch but Weather Forecast is not Good

Discovery Will Attempt to Launch Thursday Though Weather Might Force Another Delay, SpaceRef “Wednesday afternoon NASA’s Mission Management Team met at 2:45 pm EDT to review the main engine #3 backup controller issue which caused a day’s delay in the launch of space shuttle Discovery. After the meeting a GO was given to attempt a launch Thursday.” Marc’s UPDATE 6:15 am EDT: SCRUB – NASA will not launch Discovery due […]

  • NASA Watch
  • November 3, 2010