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NASA 2.0

By Keith Cowing
November 24, 2008

President 2.0, Newsweek

“Obama’s transition team is already building an organization to carry on the Internet efforts begun during the campaign. On the stump, Obama laid out plans for a technology czar in his administration–a senior-level, or even cabinet-level, post that he promised would make his White House transparent and ultra-efficient. Obama has talked about streaming portions of cabinet meetings live on the Internet in order to reach more people, and not long after his election he gave one of his first “radio” addresses in video form on YouTube. He’s also asked that candidates for jobs in his administration submit their information online, so more than just Washington insiders would be considered.”

Why Obama should ditch YouTube, CNet

“In this post today, I’ll explain why the government needs to step up, host its own videos and why it is simply improper to rely on YouTube to foot the bandwidth bill for Obama’s messages to the people. I will also make the case that the use of YouTube and Google Analytics by the Obama transition team violates the privacy website visitors, and possibly even violates federal rules banning the use of permanent tracking cookies on government websites.”

Editor’s note: Is NASA up to this challenge? Right now, the answer is a resounding “No”. But there are some bright sparks here and there. Can NASA adjust and reconfigure itself so as to be 21st century compliant – and in synch with Obama’s White House ? You tell me. Lets see if any of the people who will spend their entire careers working in the NASA of the future – i.e. the Net Gen/Gen Y/Next Gen – have anything to add.

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