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Bridenstine Starts To Meet The Press

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 6, 2018
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Bridenstine Starts To Meet The Press

NASA’s Bridenstine signals reprieve for endangered climate missions, Science
“Bridenstine’s embrace of these missions goes hand-in-hand with his evolution on climate change, turning from an occasional critic of the scientific consensus to a supporter of the realities of human-driven global warming. “I want to be clear,” he said, “I do believe that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas – over 400 parts per million at this point, which is greater volumes than we’ve seen before. And that’s because of human activity.”
NASA administrator promises not to abandon International Space Station without alternative plan, The Verge
“There are companies that are interested in managing the ISS from a commercial perspective. That exists right now,” said Bridenstine. “And that existed before I got to NASA. Companies were talking to me about this as a member of Congress long before I got here.”
Bridenstine emphasizes partnerships with industry to achieve NASA goals, Space News
“The SLS, he argued, offered “a capability right now that no one else has, and so we want to deliver it.” However, he said he’d be open to revisiting that should commercial vehicles with similar capabilities enter service in the future. “If there comes a day when someone else can deliver that, then we need to think differently. It’s always evolving.”
Keith’s note: I was unable to attend this briefing at NASA HQ due to a death in my immediate family. There was no remote dial-in for this briefing so news media around the country who cover NASA were unable to participate. Apparently there is no speakerphone in the Administrator’s office. That has to be the reason, right? That said, Bridenstine is already more available to the media than his predecessor so …

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5 responses to “Bridenstine Starts To Meet The Press”

  1. Winner says:

    “The SLS, he argued, offers a capability right now…”

    Oh REALLY? I forgot about that proven SLS capability. Somebody remind me what I missed.

    “…he said he’d be open to revisiting that should commercial vehicles with similar capabilities enter service in the future…”

    I thought I saw a Falcon Heavy launch earlier this year that was at least fairly similar to the *purported* SLS capabilities.

  2. Bob Mahoney says:

    Sympathies for your family’s loss, Keith.

  3. ThomasLMatula says:

    My condolences to you and your family.