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NASA and Israel Reaffirm Cooperation in Space

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
July 13, 2018
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6 responses to “NASA and Israel Reaffirm Cooperation in Space”

  1. fcrary says:

    We cooperated with the Soviet Union during the International Geophysical Year (1957-1958). That was just a year after they invaded Hungary to make the Hungarians behave like a proper client state. I don’t think people take that to mean we had no problems with tanks in the streets of Budapest.

    There is quite a bit of debate over scientific cooperation with countries with dubious human rights records. But I’d rather keep that a general debate, not turn it into an argument about one, specific country’s track record.

  2. Brian_M2525 says:

    its a good move on the part of Bridenstine. NASA seems to be unable to get virtually any mission accomplished any more. Israel, “the start up nation ” (get the book by that title) leads most of the world in technological and medical development which is why most high tech companies have major installations in Israel. Maybe a little bit of Israel will rub off on NASA and NASA will begin to get something accomplished.

    As far as “policies towards Palestine” there is not nor nor has there ever been an Arab country called Palestine. That was an invention of the Soviets that the liberal left has adopted.

    As far as Israel’s human rights record it is far better than virtually any Arab country. Israel treats its Arab “Palestinians” who are Israeli citizens far better with the opportunity to hold any job, to vote and to live peacefully, unlike in nearby Arab countries where the Arab Palestinians have been held in refugee camps for 70 years and are accorded no rights at all. If you doubt this, Israel did not hold much of Jerusalem or the territory east to the Jordan river between 1948 and 1967, most of the land which is now supposed to become “Palestine” and yet no Arab country of Palestine was formed even then.

    If you want to see lack of human rights visit any Arab country and see how non Arabs are treated. Not only non Arabs, women are treated as second class citizens and LGBTQ are routinely hung or thrown off tall buildings, Many minorities’ including Jews, are not tolerated at all and have been eliminated through ethnic cleansing.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      I’d only add two things: first, go to the Middle East and see for yourself.

      Second: imagine how you’d react if someone a few miles away were lobbing bombs at you.

    • PsiSquared says:

      It’s suffice to say that there’s more than enough ill will, ill intent, abuses and bad acts on both sides of the tension/conflict, but that’s not the point of the article.

      As mentioned above, we’ve cooperated and have continued to cooperate with Russia through their various invasions and bad acts. Perhaps cooperation, even on a small scale, is enough for now.

      • fcrary says:

        And NASA collaborates both with Israel and a few Arab nations which do not recognize the existence of Israel. In this case, I think NASA is doing a good job of keeping this about scientific collaboration and not taking sides in a messy political issue.

        That said, I will say the UAE’s planned Mars mission is probably why there has been a noticeable increase in the number of female, Arabian, planetary science students in the past few years. I’ll also say that, among the planetary scientists I know, the most vocal critic of Israel’s human rights record is an Israeli.

  3. Winner says:

    It’s amazing we have allies we still get along with.