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NASA CFO Nominee Announced

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
November 30, 2017
NASA CFO Nominee Announced

NASA Statement on Nomination for Agency Chief Financial Officer
“It is encouraging to see more members of the agency’s leadership team being named. Jeff’s solid financial background will be a tremendous addition as we continue to advance our nation’s aeronautic and exploration initiatives.”
Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit nominated by Trump for NASA finance post
“Many expected DeWit would immediately join the administration after Trump’s surprise victory. When that didn’t happen, speculation shifted to his running against Sen. Jeff Flake, who had been among the president’s most high-profile GOP critics. Flake has since announced he will not seek re-election. A Republic review of the notifications DeWit is required to file with the secretary of state when he leaves Arizona show he spent about 50 days, including weekends, outside the state since early October 2016, about a month before the general election. Those dozen or so trips included Washington, D.C., New York and Trump properties.”
Keith’s note: Now is the time to read through the new NASA CFO nominee Jeffrey DeWit’s Twitter account before it becomes sanitized – check @JeffDeWitAZ

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2 responses to “NASA CFO Nominee Announced”

  1. ThomasLMatula says:

    Someone who has spent their entire life searching for ways to effectively use money is now going to be in charge of the finances of an agency that spends it like its water. An agency that thinks billion dollar over runs are normal.

    Yes, it’s time to stock up on popcorn πŸ™‚

  2. Daniel Woodard says:

    That was what Sean O’Keefe was going to do, eliminate NASA’s financial disorder.