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NASA Has A Process To Verify Presidential Tweets To/From Space

By Keith Cowing
February 4, 2017
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NASA Has A Process To Verify Presidential Tweets To/From Space

NASA debunks bogus Trump tweet sent from ‘ISS’, NY Post
“That tweet is fake. It’s just someone having fun,” said NASA social media manager John Yembrick. He said space station tweets are managed from the ground in Houston, and that the offending tweet came from a bogus account. The social media team at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston flagged the tweet last night and verified it wasn’t real, Yembrick said.”
Keith’s note: So … someone from the news media actually thought there was a chance that someone at NASA – possibly the President – tweeted something from space – and they contacted NASA to see if this was real — and someone at NASA JSC PAO had to actually “flag”, and then “verify” that the tweet was not real? How does one do that? Is there a procedure for this at NASA JSC PAO? Apparently implementing common sense has a process at NASA too – you can’t just use it. Larger image
Keith’s update: According to NASA PAO the NY Post did not call NASA to confirm the validity of this tweet first. Indeed, the NY Post posted originally posted a story as if this was a real thing. Then again, we are living in the Trumpiverse.

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