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NASA Moon Town Hall: Everyone Needs To Get On Board For This

By Keith Cowing
April 1, 2019

Questions submitted to NASA Town Hall Meeting With Administrator Jim Bridenstine
“These are the questions submitted online at before and during today’s NASA Town Hall with Jim Bridenstine. The number to the left is the number of votes the question got.”
“Will the administration and congress back up this audacious goal with an appropriate influx of funding?
Isn’t this the first step in the return to “schedule over safety”? Been there, done that – with catastrophic results.
Accelerating our return to the moon is an unfunded mandate. How will we do it without gutting our other important missions?
Please explain in detail what “We’ll change the Agency, not the mission” entails.
NASA peaked at 34,000 engineers during Apollo, today we have half that. Are we going to receive more resources?
Over the past fifteen years, the Agency has been directed to go to Mars, then the Moon, then an Asteroid, then an Asteroid around the Moon, then Mars, then a space station around the Moon, and now the Moon again. What steps do you plan to take to reduce the programmatic whiplash that keeps us from actually accomplishing any of these grand plans?
VP Pence directed us to land a crew on the moon within the next 5 yrs “by any means necessary”, what means will you be using?
What assurance can be given that this plan for lunar return will survive a change in administrations after the 2020 election?”

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