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President Signs Space Policy Directive – 2

By Keith Cowing
May 24, 2018
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President Signs Space Policy Directive – 2

Keith’s further update: The President has signed SPD-2. Larger image.
Space Policy Directive-2 (Full Text)
Keith’s update: The signing of SPD-2 by the President has been delayed until later today. Stay tuned.
Keith’s 9:55 am note: Notes from 9:30 am EDT press event with National Space Council Executive Director Scott Pace:
At 11:00 am EDT today President Trump will sign Space Policy Directive 2 (SPD-2). SPD-2 will include 4 space policy directives based on recommendations made at the National Space Council meeting at KSC in February 2018 and is based on SPD-1. SPD-2 directs the Department of Transportation to revise the regulatory process for transportation to space and the Department of Commerce to revise regulations for remote sensing. SPD-2 will also create a “one stop shop” for commercial space at the Department of Commerce. SPD-2 will ask the Department of Commerce and OSTP to work with the FCC report to the President global competitiveness on radio frequency policy at ITU and other fora. SPD-2 also requires a report on export licensing of space technology. President Trump recognizes that space is important to U.S. global competitiveness and leadership.
President Donald J. Trump is Reforming and Modernizing American Commercial Space Policy
“REFORMING SPACE POLICY: President Trump’s Space Policy Directive – 2 reforms America’s commercial space regulatory framework, ensuring our place as a leader in space commerce.
UPDATING AND REFOCUSING: President Trump is committed to reforming our out-of-date space policies and has already taken significant steps to refocus United States space strategy.”

Statement from Vice President Mike Pence on the President’s Signing of Space Policy Directive-2
“This directive will encourage American leadership in space commerce by creating more certainty for investors and private industry, while focusing on protecting our national security and public-safety. As President Trump says, “We’re a nation of pioneers, and the next great American frontier is space.”
NASA Administrator Statement on Space Policy Directive-2
“SPD-2 provides yet another way for the members of the National Space Council to provide much-needed direction for the many different aspects of our nation’s activity in space, providing communication and coordination on these complex enterprises for the benefit of our nation and the world.”

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