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Space Policy Directive-2 Ignored By Space Organizations

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 25, 2018

Keith’s note: Big space policy news from the White House. But not a word about it from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Aerospace Industries Association, the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, the National Space Society, the Space Foundation, the Planetary Society or the Space Frontier Foundation. Only the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and the Aerospace Industries Association have issued a statement. You have to wonder about the depth of commitment to commercial space from these space organizations when they cannot even bother to lift a finger to say thank you when the White House does them a big favor.

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2 responses to “Space Policy Directive-2 Ignored By Space Organizations”

  1. ThomasLMatula says:

    Not surprised, they are all too focused on NASA as the only way to space to understand it’s importance. The same occurred with the Space Resource Act of 2015. They are also behind the curve on the paradigm change that is taking place in space.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      It’s also the case that the “this too shall pass” attitude is driven by a point of view exceeding that of elected officials.