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Heads Up Shuttle Huggers

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 7, 2007

Highlights of NASA’s FY 2008 Budget Request and the Year Ahead (Speech by Michael D. Griffin at the National Space Club)

“For those of you who might cynically believe that, under a future administrator, NASA will simply resort to flying the shuttle past 2010 if Orion is not far enough along, let me remind you of what the CAIB referred to as an inescapable conclusion, one that I share: The CAIB observed, “Because of the risk inherent in the original design of the space shuttle, because that design was based in many aspects on now-obsolete technologies, and because the shuttle is now an aging system but still developmental in character, it is in the nation’s interest to replace the Shuttle as soon as possible as the primary means for transporting humans to and from Earth orbit.” For this very reason, the CAIB expressed dismay at how “previous attempts to develop a replacement vehicle for the aging shuttle represent a failure of national leadership” and called for a rigorous vehicle safety recertification if the Shuttle were to be operated past 2010.”

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