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In Space No One Can Hear Space Advocates Scream

By Keith Cowing
September 29, 2015
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In Space No One Can Hear Space Advocates Scream

Stay the Course To Mars, OpEd, Chris Carberry and Joe Cassady, SpaceNews
“What should be made clear, however, is that the next president will not need to reinvent our national space policy. The overall policy direction is fine, but despite a lot of progress with architectural elements and growing support from a number of stakeholders and policymakers, a clear pathway (including necessary precursors) has yet to be fully articulated.”
Keith’s note: There is no American space policy other than go to Mars – someday – without identifying the money needed to do so. The Planetary Society would love to stall those notional NASA Powerpoint plans an extra decade if they could. So long as space policy is focused on what space advocates want nothing much will happen. Only when they find a way to make it truly relevant to a much, much larger portion of the 99.999% of Americans who are not space fans will there be a chance to change the dynamic. Otherwise its just going to be 4 more years of space advocates howling the same old ideas at the wind – and wondering why no one will listen to them.

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