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Russia Sees Future for its ISS Modules Beyond 2020

By Marc Boucher
May 25, 2009

Russia ‘to save its ISS modules’, BBC
“Russia is making plans to detach and fly away its parts of the International Space Station when the time comes to de-orbit the rest of the outpost.”
“However, the idea of turning the Russian segment of the ISS into an independent space station carries major political, legal and financial pitfalls, Russian officials admitted.”
“According to Russian sources, they have actively discussed their intentions with American partners, but they have so far failed to come up with a satisfactory solution.”
Editor’s note: If Russia wants to preserve its modules after the partners decide to scrap the space station it is their right to do so. However it does bring up many issues including US – Russia relations which of late have been a little cooler. Russia has started to act like the Soviet bear of the not too distant past and has been flexing its muscles. If the Russians think their modules can survive well beyond 2020 why not persuade their international partners to keep the space station going? Or perhaps Russia wants to go it alone as symbol of wanting to be seen as a superpower again?

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