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What Astronauts Actually Eat in Space (Send More Siracha)

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
December 16, 2013
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“NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins (left) and Rick Mastracchio, both Expedition 38 flight engineers, pose for a photo with a Thanksgiving meal in the Unity node of the International Space Station. ISS038-E-009306 (28 Nov. 2013) – high res (1.9 M) low res (115 K)”
Keith’s note: Yea, yea, yea NASA PAO wants you to think that they had a traditional Thanksgiving turkeyfest on-orbit. Look at the high res version of this image and you will see three different brands of peanut butter, 3 bottles of hot sauce, mini-Reeses peanut butter cups, Ghirardelli chocolates, and Tic Tacs. In other words they really eat like geeks.
Oh yes – advice to NASA: looks like the makers of Siracha sauce have to shut down for a while (factory neighbors hate the smell). Make sure you throw a bottle into Cygnus – its a popular product on ISS. I cannot imagine what would happen if the ISS crews ran out of this precious substance.
Keith Cowing’s Devon Island Journal 19 July 2003: Illness, Good Food, and Morale
“Good food is something that NASA has long known. Good food – or at least the best one can provide under the circumstances that accompany spaceflight – is very important to mission success. Astronauts are allowed to chose menus for their missions – and NASA has a whole kitchen system set up whereby meals are taste tested. Other popular items such as candies, condiments, and fresh vegetables are also added.”

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3 responses to “What Astronauts Actually Eat in Space (Send More Siracha)”

  1. Jeff2Space says:

    From what I understand, in microgravity, fluids shift towards the upper body, often causing astronauts problems with their sense of smell. Since a lot of what we consider “taste” is really smell, difficulties with the sense of smell can cause food to “taste” very bland. To counteract the “bland” taste of food due to this, astronauts quite often prefer spicier foods than they would normally prefer on earth.

  2. Tom Sellick says:

    “Make sure you throw a bottle into Cygnus”

    If I was on the ISS, id ask ya toss in a Corned Beef sandwich from Wolfie’s Restaurant.

  3. Richard H. Shores says:

    I am going to the store and buying a few bottles of Siracha before the price goes out of sight! 😀