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Improving On ISS Vs Just Copying It
Improving On ISS Vs Just Copying It

Keith’s note: According to a tweet by @jeff_foust “Axiom Space’s Mary Lynne Dittmar on commercial LEO destinations panel at the FAA conference: worried that if NASA continues with four competitors for very much longer, will dilute a nascent sector and extend timelines for building comm’l stations admi competition with China.” I replied: “On the other hand @DittmarML having multiple competitors in the real world – as well as in the space bubble – is how you drive up innovation and drive down cost and ensure redundancy and flexibility. Picking winners too early stifles that. Just sayin'” and added: “There’s a bit of the “Highlander Syndrome” at work when it comes to people talking about commercial follow-ons to #ISS in meetings i.e. “there can be only one”. If that is what happens then the entire space community has failed – and this has zero to do with China. Just sayin'”

  • NASA Watch
  • February 9, 2023