Memo From Jack Dailey on Restructuring

We have completed the review of your submissions to the target Headquarters (HQ) personnel guidelines you received on April 17, 1996. We are proceeding to the next phase and have enclosed a revised target ceiling for your organizations. The recommended level of additional functional migrations is also provided. Current NASA HQ detailees to other agencies are listed separately and are not included in your ceiling.

Consistent with the recommendations of the Functional Management Structure and Process Study led by Roy Estess, it is now appropriate for each functional/staff office to begin negotiations on functional "contracts". It is essential that the Enterprise Associate Administrators actively participate in this activity to clearly understand the support services within their office vis-a-vis those provided by the functional/staff offices. Functional/staff services must be categorized as either functional leadership, staff to the Administrator, or central service provision and for each area the roles and responsibilities, reporting relationships, funding and resource management approaches must be identified. Some specific guidance is provided below. This list may not be all inclusive; it is based on our discussions to date regarding your submissions.

Within your ceiling you must continue to functionally support the Chief Scientists, Chief Engineer and Chief Information Officer, and must establish a point of contact for these activities.

Technology Development activities previously performed by the Office of Space Access and Technology will now be integrated into and performed by each Enterprise.

Those organizations that continue to have resource, legislative and/or policy positions within their organization must note the following:

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (Code B) is responsible for coordinating all Administration budget and accounting activities, and is the single Agency point of contact for the Office of Management and Budget.

The Office of Legislative Affairs (Code L) is responsible for coordinating all legislative activities and is the single Agency point of contact for the Congress.

The Office of Policy and Plans is responsible for coordinating all Administration and Agency policy activities and is the single Agency point of contact for the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Contact Chris Christensen with any questions about the derivation of these ceilings. If any issues remain within your organizations, you should plan to discuss them with me by Friday, June 28, 1996. Your crosswalk of SES positions from your current "go to" organization to SES positions included in this revised ceiling is due to Art Wycoff, Code CP, on Friday, June 28, 1996. The final phases of this process will be a meeting on July 2, 1996, with all Associate Administrators in attendance to review your comments and develop the final recommended HQ organization prior to meeting with the Administrator for approval. Functional/staff Associate Administrators are requested to present a status on the development of functional "contracts" with customer offices during that meeting. Let me reiterate, these are recommended ceilings at this time. Adjustments may be required based on our further discussions.

J.R. Dailey


Directors, NASA Field Installations
Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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