Detailed VAB Damage Photos

7 September 2004: NASA Kennedy Space Center Cleans Up After Hurricane (photos)

"Assessment of KSC's landmark facility, the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), shows about 820 panels were torn off during the storm. Initial review of the VAB's interior indicates no serious damage to equipment, including two Space Shuttle External Tanks. Engineers are continuing their damage assessment. The Thermal Protection System Facility, where Space Shuttle tile and blankets are manufactured, suffered significant damage. Work is under way to recover critical spaceflight material, such as tile molds, from exposed areas."

7 September 2004: Photos of Rep. Dave Weldon's Inspection of Hurricane Damage at NASA Kennedy Space Center

Reader suggestion: "Hey, just a thought... NASA should sell pieces of the VAB damage, like cut up the siding into smaller pieces and sell it. Wouldn't hurt to have some extra $, and let the public own a piece of space history..."

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