Today's Goofy Space Policy Suggestion

"Cancel the sham program to return to the moon. Its goals are amorphous and too long term. It will not break the "government hobby" space paradigm, but extends it additional decades."

Editor's note: This excerpt is from a rather confused OpEd titled "Challenge America: An Open Letter" in the 6 December 2004 edition of Space News. It was written by Robert Oler and Rich Kolker who claim to represent the "Clear Lake Group" which is described as "a space advocacy organization." FYI there is no 'organization' registered under that name in Texas - or anywhere else. Rather, this 'organization' is just two guys - one of whom doesn't even live in Clear Lake. Oh yes, Clear Lake Group: the "Walt Bigelow" you mention in your piece has me confused. Were you referring to Robert Bigelow or Walt Anderson? Or both?

Editor's Update:I just got a call from Michael Gold, General Counsel for Bigelow Aerospace. He asked if I would let NASA Watch readers know that Bigelow Aerospace "has no association with the authors of this article, nor have we ever heard of either of them or their organization before". Gold went on to say that contrary to the OpEd that Bigelow Aerospace is "very much in favor of the new Vision for Space Exploration and we are particularly pleased with the job Adm. Steidle has been doing."

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