Administrator Announcement?- Not on Wednesday

Editor's note:Earlier this evening word was rushing around Washington, DC, the media, and Capitol Hill that the President would make an announcement Wednesday morning around 10:00 am that he intends to nominate Dan Crippen to be the next Administrator of NASA. Soon, reporters were calling Congressional staffers and staffers were calling reporters to pass on what they heard and to see what they knew about Crippen. Feedback loops soon began to form with people breathing their own fumes.

Update: White House sources now say that there are no current plans to make an announcement about the NASA Administrator nominee tomorrow. Moreover, the traditional pre-announcement briefings on the Hill have not happened yet. It would seem that one reporter from a prominent space publication, citing NASA HQ sources, whipped up this feeding frenzy by calling all over town. Lastly, it would seem that the suggestion that the nominee is Dan Crippen may be somewhat premature.

Stay tuned.

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