Looks like I am being "watched"

Editor's note: it would seem that some folks don't like the way I have been running NASA Watch recently. I got this from Derek3B@aol.com today "We're watching you, and we're bigger and stronger and more pervasive than you think. And if you're not careful, the events surrounding your departure from NASA will see the light of day. So far I am not stooping that low."

Derek's AOL profile:

Name: Derek
Location: Ballston
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Writer
Personal Quote: Talk dirty to me

Update from Derek3B@aol.com:

"Well, it looks as though I was foolish leaving my profile online. That said, you still won't figure out who I am. Let's leave Sue out of it, though. You know I've seen your personnel file, so the circumstances of your departure are a little more complicated than the job you went to. Unlike the tactics you frequently use, however, I would not "expose" you to public ridicule so wont only. Just stop being a tool of the administration and start thinking for yourself -- like you used to do. At one time you were an important -- and independent -- voice"

Editor's note: Tsk tsk - peering into my NASA personnel file .... and waving that fact in my face. How illegal.

Response from Derek3B@aol.com: Nah. Not true -- and you don't scare me. There have been no threats (except revealing the truth to people, and since you have made yourself a public personna, I could go much further). And I was in a position to legally view your personnel file, so there's nothing illegal there. You may be able to narrow me down to one of a couple dozen folks, but no closer than that.

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