Reaction to FY 2006 NASA Budget Continues

Marshall pulls jobs fair aimed at its own staff, Huntsville Times

"The job fair flip-flop could just be a miscommunication, but it also could be a sign of more cuts than expected in the work force here, said Keith Cowing, who runs the independent Web site NASAWatch. "There are job cuts across the agency," Cowing said. "With the way the (space exploration) vision is shaping up and the current budget, there are likely" to be more job cuts at space centers."

NASA workers decry possible cuts, Daily Press

"[Marie] Lane said Langley managers told her NASA would only reassign workers this year. Now she hears that those workers will be laid off. "We've been lied to," she said."

Ohio's delegation takes aim at NASA cuts, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Aeronautics has "been an integral part of the development of our country, certainly to the development of Ohio," said Sen. Mike DeWine. Members of the Ohio delegation sent a letter to Bush on Thursday urging him to reconsider the budget proposal."

NASA Langley, Op Ed, Daily Press

"Center Director Roy Bridges referred to "transformation" when he told Langley employees about the cuts. Well, yes, when a house falls down, it is transformed. By all appearances, NASA Langley is falling. When this "transformation" is complete, what will be left?"

Legislators unite to fight cuts at yards and Langley, Virginia Pilot

"The National Aeronautics Support Team, formed six years ago by Hampton Roads residents to preserve jobs at Langley, plans to join supporters of Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, another NASA center that focuses on aeronautics, to lobby for funding."

Legislators: We'll work to prevent Langley cuts, Daily Press

"Congresswoman JoAnn Davis, Congressman Bobby Scott and other political leaders say they plan to do the utmost to restore money to the proposed 2006 federal budget to prevent the loss of 1,000 jobs at NASA Langley Research Center and cuts in aeronautics funding."

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