The Evolution of Personal Spaceflight Continues

Space Entrepreneurs Resolve To Create Industry Group to Promote Safety Standards and Growth of the Personal Spaceflight Industry

"Leaders from the newly emerging Personal Spaceflight Industry today announced their intent to organize an industry federation to design and uphold the standards and processes necessary to ensure public safety and promote growth of the personal spaceflight industry."

House Science Committee Chair Boehlert's Testimony on New Commercial Space Law

"This is an infant industry; it is not the equivalent of today's airline industry. The law fully protects uninvolved third parties and requires extraordinary disclosures to immediate participants, and it sets the industry on a path toward greater regulation as it develops. That's the right balance and it passed muster with Members who are not exactly in the anti-regulatory camp in both chambers of Congress. The final wording was worked out between my staff and Senator Hollings' staff."

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