Mike Griffin on the Future of Shuttle and ISS

Bush picks exploration advocate as new NASA head, Orlando Sentinel

"Griffin was the co-leader of a 2004 study by a space advocacy group that recommended accelerating the shuttle's planned 2010 retirement to speed up work on a new manned ship. He questioned the wisdom of spending tens of billions of additional dollars on the international space station during congressional testimony last year."

Extending Human Presence into the Solar System, PDF, Planetary Society

"Given the unique capabilities of the Shuttle (delivery and berthing of large payloads, robotic and EVA capabilities, large down-mass capacity), its return to flight is imperative for rapid completion of the ISS. The tailoring of most completed ISS hardware for Shuttle launch argues for keeping the Shuttle operational until delivery of international partner modules. However, most ISS logistical needs might well be met using partner assets like the Russian Progress and the ESAs Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV)."

Editor's personal note: Of course, this report is the product of a number people - not just Griffin.

Statement By Michael D. Griffin - House Science Committee Hearing: "Perspectives on the President's Vision for Space Exploration"

"NASA should initiate development of a heavy lift launch vehicle having a payload capacity of at least 100 metric tons to low Earth orbit (LEO). Such a vehicle is the single most important physical asset enabling human exploration of the solar system. The use of shuttle-derived systems offers what is quite likely to be the most costeffective near-term approach."

"But the more important question is whether the return to be obtained from the use of ISS to support exploration objectives is worth the money yet to be invested in its completion. The nation, through the NASA budget, plans to allocate $32 B to ISS (including ISS transport) through 2016, and another $28 B to shuttle operations through 2011. This total of $60 B is significantly higher than NASA's current allocation for human lunar return. It is beyond reason to believe that ISS can help to fulfill any objective, or set of objectives, for space exploration that would be worth the $60 B remaining to be invested in the program."

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