Anti-Human Spaceflight Rants Won't Help LaRC

Other Voices: NASA Langley's real problem?, Daily Press

"Now let's discuss what America's top scientists think of this "mission." The American Physical Society (APS) appointed a large committee of eminent scientists to do an intensive study of the "mission" last year. Their main conclusion was: "The scope of the Moon-Mars mission has not been well-defined, its long-term cost has not been adequately addressed, and no budgetary mechanisms have been established to avoid causing major irreparable damage to the agency's scientific program." (Emphasis mine)."... "The complete foolishness of sending men to Mars is shown by the outstanding success of two recent automated interplanetary missions."

Editor's note: Citing this truly awful and totally biased APS report is certainly not the best thing to use to validate your position. Moreoevr, dumping on the VSE is rather foolish as well inasmuch as LaRC is out trying to compete for some of that NEW MONEY - money that can be used to keep people at LaRC employed.

Here come the naysayers, NASA Watch

"A quick look at the panel who wrote this [APS] report - and those who reviewed it - doesn't seem to include anyone with human space flight background."

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