Extrasolar Planet Photo "Exclusive"?

Evidence for a co-moving sub-stellar companion of GQ Lup, arXiv.org e-Print archive

"We present a companion of the \le 2 Myr young classical T Tauri star GQ Lup in the Lupus star forming region at 140 \pm 50 pc from imaging, astrometry, and spectroscopy. With direct K-band imaging using VLT/NACO, we detected an object 6 mag fainter than GQ Lup located 0.7 arc sec west of it."

Editor's note: In this space.com article: "EXCLUSIVE: First Confirmed Picture of a Planet Beyond the Solar System", posted on 1 April 2004 at 09:04 am ET, a claim of exclusivity is made - at least in the title. This was hardly an "exclusive" for space.com. The entire article (including a picture) space.com was referring to was published the previous day, 31 March, at 11:33:27 GMT on the arXiv.org e-Print archive for anyone in the world to download and see.

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