RTF Date Slipping?

Risks remain as launch nears, Houston Chronicle

"We are being much more meticulous than we have been in the past," said Bill Parsons, NASA's space shuttle program manager. "I would says it's fairly 50-50 right now (that) we would make the opening of the window, but we will keep marching toward that."

Shuttle May Miss Liftoff Date Now Penciled In, Official Says, NY Times

"While workers at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida have done everything they can to get the Discovery ready, Mr. Parsons said, a series of minor delays have used up all contingency days allowed in the schedule for unexpected problems. He insisted that NASA was not rushing to meet a scheduled launching date, a practice for which the agency has been criticized because it compromises safety. "May 15 is just a goal," Mr. Parsons said."

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