STS-114 and STS-121 Update

NASA Space Shuttle Internal Briefing (excerpts): LP01 Hydraulic Fluid Contamination (of Thermal Protection Surfaces) 28 April 2005, NASA

Editor's note: This presentation was not discussed during yesterday's STS-114 deliberations. Meanwhile, in a telecon this morning with KSC, USA/Houston, Boeing/Houston, KSC representatives noted that they had 3,000 open items for STS-121 and, ifthis slip hadn't happened, that theywouldn't have made the STS-121 July launch date

Editor's update: Another NASA source says that the KSC report forwarded to NASA HQ last week showed that Atlantis processing was actually below 1,000 open items and that this number was declining rapidly. At most, KSC estimated that they were 5 to 7 days behind and that this was not an issue were they to have tried to make the July launch window.

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